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  1. Painter 45m 46s ago

    Thanks for the fav from both of us ^-^

  2. myri-chan 3d 0h ago

    Quote by xangel0

    Quote by myri-chan

    Quote by xangel0but you saw the catrina ones x.x there are no more -w-

    *cries* Por Que No ?! i didn't see the lolita dress i thought that you have posted your pics on DA T.T

    yeah you can see there x.x

    i will check them hehe how is she my tenchi hime sama ? :)

  3. DarkGSSJBeast 3d 11h ago

    Quote by xangel0
    Yeah, most fairytales often have more dark stories, but scriptwriters modify them to make them more family firendly and all that crap xD.

    Hmm I mostly go to them theater to see :P, because in my work we receive free tickets ;3, not for all movies ofc xD, if I don't go to see it at a theater then I watch it on weekends at home.

    Well if you see it in a general plain the story isn't that original at all, because you know, the idea of teenage rebellion isn't new (I smell code geass, guilty crown? lol) maybe you can find some orginal stuff like how the world works in Panem and details like wardrobe, makeup and architechture. I can agree with your point about sending kids to war and looking clean and pretty lol, but haven't we seen this in anime so many times? xD I mean, almost every single hero in anime is a teen dude lol, and their hairs are always shiny and flowy etc.. since the movie its based on a young adult novel, isn't strange to find that kind of stuff xD. No worries, I'm not mad, I think its an ok movie too ;3 so I can talk about its positive and negative points freely xD.
    Well most part of the movies are meant to attract masses, so they compress it all to make it viewable by a large audience, which makes the movie poor, and tend to lack in story, or character development (see the hobbit in comparission to LOTR x.x, I still like the hobbit tho, but LOTR is way better).

    I enjoyed it with my bros, good music, good outerspace-scapes, good characters.
    I'm not a big fan of comics, but I do like some, specially the artwork. X-men is one of my faves.

    lol no worries, you haven't being harsh in any moment in my opinion, those are your thoughts and its ok. I like many kind of movies too ;3. I'll search for that title, maybe I like :P. BTW have you seen the Book of life?

    Yeeh completely agree.. xD

    Woow hihi interesting work u have there Angel-san.. Me I have spent enough money for poor movies in theaters that I can consider a mistake soo I go only when I feel to give my money to them x) the same can be said about games and tech and eveything I can spent money in general... Yeh I am a person who needs to know to where I actually spend my money x'D

    Yeeh I can see why but I expect a certain quality from a movie that they spent millions for its production.. In Anime usually surprises me of how complicated and deep a story can be but we have to consider also that the budget is way lower and the work is different.. Since they are working by sculpting plastics or new gen techniques for animation... And usually in Anime the protagonists and their rivals are designed like that so they can stand in the crowd.. red blue blond green white hair eyes ect... I know many people that Love Hobbit and LOTR or Harry Potter and stuff.. I can see why x'D
    Me I find them again kinda average.. What I disliked was that the supposed "good guys" were used to just swing their mighty swords or stuff and orcs were falling like weaklings.... xD I dont even like Orcs but I find it silly when a gigantic muscle warrior falls down like that from an average man.. xDD They did upgrade the fight choreography in the "Hobbit" movies though but still even if its fun to watch Legolas and all the others do these super moves x''D A giant spider like that at reality could hunt Bears with their speed.. I dont think they would have problem to hobbits, beauty elves and some little cute beard men... I think they are oki movies and I can see why many love them.. but anyways look this scene Angel-san it was hilarious to meClick here! Mr Bilbo iz indeed baddass in this movie ^^

    Who is your fav X-Man-X-Woman? I used to like Juggernaut and Beast<-(I still like this guy) when I was kiddo but as I was growing something was pulling me from them x'D I guess Juggernaut's weak mind and cliche story.But let me guess.. You liiike Pheonix!?

    Aw glad to hear that and hmm I hope you will like. I think girls usually like it... I havent seen nor did I know this movie
    "Book of Life" but I will check it out.. Thankies Angel-san ^.^

  4. myri-chan 3d 18h ago

    Quote by xangel0but you saw the catrina ones x.x there are no more -w-

    *cries* Por Que No ?! i didn't see the lolita dress i thought that you have posted your pics on DA T.T

  5. Blue-Latte 4d 1h ago

    Quote by xangel0
    no worries :P at first I thought "duh she ran away cuz she thought I'm kind of emo or something" but then I thought you were just busy or something else, so its ok to be late, we always have stuff to do.

    Im a graphic designer, but I don't do awsum stuff here -.- its like, the same thing they have being doing like for 30+ years and they don't want any change, its kinda frustrating and has nothing to do with a good graphic design.
    I'm coming to a point where I'll do it without any hesitation tbh xD, feeling a bit better these days too ^^

    Agh, no no! I was busy... not really busy but I had problems with school that I left anime and manga. I thought that I wouldn't come back here. I actually haven't visited MT since months ago but my account has been used by my brother so it seems that I keep visiting and ignoring my friends here. I'm terribly sorry. :(

    Wow you're a graphic designer.. oh cmon you do REALLY AWESOME stuff here. Don't look down on yourself, I mean, look at our stunning gallery.

    I've been feeling down lately. It's a personal problem, a problem with a guy. *sobs*

  6. Blue-Latte 4d 1h ago

    Quote by xangel0 *leaves a vanilla latte around here*

    Really love Vanilla latte but next time please leave me Green Tea latte, lol! X3

  7. ghazalkashani 4d 7h ago

    Quote by xangel0

    Quote by ghazalkashani
    *pokes your head* you were GONE for a while :o
    hahaha glad to see your relpy afteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr.....a LONG TIME :o
    why always busy?WHY? TwT
    oh and how are you? :D

    Hello :P
    >.> don't poke me
    sorry, sometimes I just read the messages and then someone calls and I have to go back to work xD so I forget to reply earlier
    IDK, I have to work xD
    I'm good, you?

    hello again Angel been a while no see ya :D
    see you made me reply late like you as well :P
    and sorry for replying you that late but I understand what you mean about work because work is work v(=w=)v
    glad you're good and me as well but I have to study because next two week my exams will start ;o;

  8. myri-chan 4d 8h ago

    Quote by xangel0pics of what? o.O

    about your recent cosplay hermana :p

  9. DarkGSSJBeast 4d 13h ago

    Quote by xangel0
    You didn't knew the original story? (well the one Disney told, which is not the original after all but, that's the one everyone knows x.x), its pretty much like any other old fairytale.. I liked what they did with the movie.

    xD Ok then, I wasn't planning on watching it anyway, never seen King Kong either x.x never found something to attract me enough to watch them.

    Haha same here about hunger games you know, my sis love it, I like but not that much owo. Jen Lawrence is a nice actress, I recently saw the last X-Men movie btw, she does an awesome Mystique, tho isn't my fave character of the series xD. In other note, saw Guardians of the Galaxy, maaaan that Rocket Racoon!

    Yeeh I've being told after the movie that the original story was way more harsh, sad and violent than in the fairytales that Disney seem to change for their income... The movie was also fine to me.. I liked the special effects and all x) I remember the part that everyone was playing with mud and laughing and than they thrown by mistake to Maleficent D: and gladly for the little guy she was in good lovely mood cuz Aurora seemed to have warm her heart. ^~^

    Me I usually keep the good movies to watch with loved ones but sometimes when i am bored and i downloaded movies that i dont really care about.. I just kill time and watch them so i will free some space of my hard disk :P

    Yeeh I can understand.. Maybe indeed it seemed a very original story and stuff but for me i just couldnt stand how silly all these were seemed... Put the poor kids fight for survival inside a fixed ring with guns, bows, knives and many others monjo jumbo survival and hunter kits.... The people looked soo clean.. They are supposed to not have food and eat rarely.. but to me everyone seemed to look in soo nice shape.. The boys were in good form and bulky athletic muscles which with only good food program u can achieve and the girls looked like rich girlies... Dont be mad Angel-san I am not bashing the movie x) I think it was an oki movie.. I am pretty sure the book had it a bit different and visually is different to rebuild it.. There is no need to disquise a thriller story.. This is for me horrific but disguised.. I saw once a Japanese movie called "Battle Royale" when it went out long time ago.... that had the same concept but wasnt disquised... It was served raw
    and horrific and thats normal... Hunger games on the other hand iz just it was promoted to younger crowd also.. and I hate when people do that.. Disguise something so it will appear to the innocent youngster.... The same happens to video games also.. Watch the video game called "Hatred" which is served raw and than "Grand Theft Auto 5" which is what youngsters play.. I think yeh u get what I mean....

    I am keeping the Guardians of Galaxy I will watch with Bro.. It seems people loved it. I hope it will be fun :P
    and from X-Men I like Wolverine(My Bro's fav) uhhmm yeeh I think I like also.. from the whole Marvel I like Venom and Punisher... My Gf has gifted me a shirt with the logo of Punisher but with the colour and half face of Deathstroke(my fav villain of DC) Love it! \^~^/

    **PS I am sorry for being a bit harsh to such movies but its what I believe.. I do love romance and drama and other kinds of movies a lot also soo yeh.. You should watch "Before Sunrise-Sunset-Midnight" if u havent watched yet.. Its a trilogy and I have a feeling u would like ^~^

  10. myri-chan 5d 0h ago

    Quote by xangel0o haii
    I'm good today xD hope you too :3

    yo Hermana!
    i am very tired i had a long day and traveling is exausting 2 hours x.x
    glad to hear that you are doin well catch you in skype and i am waiting for the pics ;)

  11. DarkGSSJBeast 5d 11h ago

    Quote by xangel0
    Aw you saw it! :3 I luv her wings.
    Haven't seen Godzilla, but I'll see hunger games this week *o*

    No worries about the lateness, we all have stuff to attend -w-

    Yes yes I saw that movie some months ago. I wasnt really aware of the story or something so I was new to it... x}

    About the Godzilla movie dont spend your time on it.. Was pretty plain and ohh well silly in my opinion. The typical kind of innocent humans, evil mutant animals monsters, big explosions, ruined cities usual kind of movie. It is for the brainwashed humans mostly.. Those who actually know me hmm.. they do know that the only monster I consider in reality is ohh well --> **humans soo yeh I guess these kind of movies arent for me.. I did like the existence explanation of Godzilla in this newer movie but than it lost it and wasnt actually making sense.. King Kong's movie meaning was better in my opinion heh

    I watched Hunger Games with my Bro I think last year or close.. My Bro liked it muchie. Me I found it oki but hmm as always I am difficult..... x'''DDD I hope you will enjoy it in a way.... I do like the actress (protagonist) though..
    I liked her work in "Silver Linings Playbook and last gen X-Men movies" she appeared.

  12. myri-chan 6d 20h ago

    hola tenchi hime sama ^.^/

    how is the queen of cosplay today? :)