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  1. ndox900 2d 8h ago

    big thank you for the +fav :]

  2. Steffi1690 1wk 5d ago

  3. myri-chan 4wk 2d ago

    Quote by xangel0
    Sorry for the lateness..
    Feliz Año Nuevo a ti tambien Myri *hugs back*

    No problem Angie :D
    Thank you, hope you are doin well,i've been watchin an anime called Hakushako to yousei,it's almost like kuroshitsuji maybe you'll appreciate it :3

  4. Painter 4wk 5d ago

    Quote by xangel0 Aw is lovely :3 the soft light <3 just a suggestion, I guess the twigs of the trees are too uniform. I know what kind of pines you painted, and that they have thin twigs, but they vary more in length. Also imagine adding a fox looking to the sun with a long shadow in that path :P or adding more rocks and moss, just suggesting far more than I have to with these last two heh. Everything else look nice, I'm loving the warmth it gives, and always like to go road-tripping and finding lots of those trees, all ordered like if they were placed on purpose like that xP.

    Eh, you must be right. I've never painted smth like that before and firstly didn't even have any idea of how to fulfill the brunches :( About the emptiness in the middle, yes, I thought about adding smth like a stump with smth on it, but since it's a resent for another person who said to me what she exactly wants to see there was a problem.
    And yeah, I'm not also good in making things look in disorder T-T Anyway I try to add more efforts in every new artwork everytime when take my tablet.
    Thank you a lot for your suggestions *hugs*! Sure, it'll also help me in making future works :)

  5. Blue-Crescent 5wk 5d ago

    Have a great new year ahead, Angi-san! *hugs*

  6. Tanya2000 6wk 0d ago

    Happy new year![].jpg

  7. myri-chan 6wk 0d ago

    Te deseo un maravilloso año 2016 lleno de alegría y felicidad y que lo disfrutes con las personas a las que quieres. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Angi *abrazos* :3

  8. Monu-chan 6wk 2d ago

    Quote by xangel0x3 thank you Monu.
    Merry Christmas to you as well, and happy New Year btw, since it seems I'll be more than busy that day Dx

    I hope you'll have fun on 31st as well!

  9. myri-chan 6wk 2d ago

    Quote by xangel0

    Gracias Myri :3
    Feliz Navidad para ti tambien.

    De nada Angie ;) espero que tuvistes muchos regalos :)

  10. Blue-Crescent 6wk 5d ago

    Merry Christmas, Angi-san! *warm hugs*

  11. Monu-chan 6wk 6d ago
    Merry Christmas Feather grill~ ;3

  12. Tanya2000 7wk 0d ago

    Happy holidays!