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  1. Monu-chan 3wk 3d ago

    Quote by xangel0No? D:
    wat dat hurts xwx *pokes with dry spaghetti* Dx

    With you, Hue-bro, Val Val, Elisa-nee-chan inactive I'm feeling lonely here! D:
    Hoping you'll come back soon :3
    Have nice days~

    *pokes with femur bone* xP

  2. Monu-chan 3wk 3d ago

    But it is not this day you lurked!
    *pokes with a dry noodle*

  3. Huesin Elite Member 3wk 6d ago

    Quote by xangel0 ...hey you...

    Why didn't I see your comment before? >.>

    Hey you, Feathers. how you doing? *pokes*

  4. Makeshift 6wk 2d ago

    Quote by xangel0Rana perdida :P

    Ponny cotizada :P

  5. MarGGoTT 7wk 1d ago

    Thanks for the kind words on my art stuff x)))

  6. Huesin Elite Member 7wk 1d ago

    Quote by xangel0Entonces querias uno gótico <.< me hubiese ido mainstream toncs >.>

    Te gusta lo gótico? Deberías hacer un cosplay como ese entonces >:)
    Que es eso de mainstream :P

  7. PrincessBriahnna25 8wk 3d ago

    Hi Angie! How's it going?

  8. Huesin Elite Member 9wk 1d ago

    Quote by xangel0No se me olvida -w- aunque por otro lado no fue tan malo postear despues, los pasteles de calavera estaban muy mainstream :P

    Jajaja see, muy góticos. Aunque no estaban tan mal los pasteles :P
    Igual te ganaron en postear xD

  9. Valuna Moderator 9wk 2d ago

    Quote by xangel0 *inkzookas all the place*
    happy bday Val :3

    Spoiler (show)

    OMG..those look..amazing! Delicious squids right there. I haven't quite stopped playing...I always get killed by Inkzookas 70% of the time.
    Thank you Angie ~

  10. Huesin Elite Member 9wk 5d ago

    Quote by xangel0 Bones <.< guess some won me xwx
    anyways, happy birthday ^_^
    your cake :P

    Spoiler (show)

    wishes you the best ;3 you know.

    Thank you, Feathers. Everybody was faster than you but it's oki~ I'm glad you remembered ^^
    That's an awesome cake. It makes me want to play Plants Vs. Zombies again xD

  11. Makeshift 9wk 5d ago

    Pasando a saludar ponny ya ni recordaba MT

    stay ponny headed

    P.D. donde esta Hoo?

  12. nel-tu-animoke 10wk 6d ago

    Thank you for the fav! :)